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Inspired from the islands of Hawaii, L & L Hawaiian Grill is L & L’s brand of unique fusion of Asian and American dishes prepared with a unique island flare. The eclectic flavors of L & L Hawaiian Grill are synonymous with the cultural cornucopia that Hawaii is famous for. The delicious treat from the Hawaiian Islands that locals and visitors to Hawaii have known for years is derived from the Hawaiian plate lunch – the comfort food of the islands.

L & L Hawaiian Grill is the offshoot of L & L Hawaiian Barbecue/Drive-Inn. The term, Hawaiian Barbecue(SM) was first coined by Eddie Flores, Jr., founder of L & L Hawaiian Barbecue®. Flores, along with his partner Johnson Kam, built a reputation of serving fresh plate lunches, in generous portions, and low prices across Hawaii. In the late 90’s, they took their L & L brand of plate lunches to the mainland as L & L Hawaiian Barbecue®, igniting an intense national buzz for the iconic food of Hawaii. Countless mainland transplants that once called Hawaii their home have driven for miles to savor L & L Hawaiian Barbecue’s® signature dishes. Many of them have found the same satisfaction from the food in the mainland as they did in Hawaii.

L & L Hawaiian Grill specializes in authentic Hawaiian cuisine, traditionally served as a Hawaiian plate lunch consisting of two servings of rice, a serving of macaroni salad, and features a generous serving of a hot entrée. L & L Hawaiian Grill’s plate lunches are famous for its large portion sizes, freshness, and unique blend of tastes found in dishes like Chicken katsu (breaded chicken w/special dipping sauce), “Loco Moco” (hamburger patties, two eggs, & gravy), and mahi mahi (w/tartar sauce). L & L Hawaiian Grill’s plate lunches are also infused with an “ingredient” unique to the islands – the warm spirit of Aloha. If you’re ready to make your taste buds dance the hula, we welcome you to try our delicious selections at an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® near you!